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Level Design

     Icarus is a Virtual Reality six-degrees-of-freedom hero shooter, emphasizing player physicality and use of one's body to dominate their foes in the arena. I am the lead designer as well as the principle level designer on the project.

     As a hero shooter, ICARUS'  level design has undergone many iterations in order to accommodate characters of varying abilities, engagement ranges, and play-styles.

     Click on the image gallery to read about Icarus' level design process in-depth and see the evolution of Sanctum!

     This is a showcase of some of the level designs I've worked on for two projects in particular: the USC Advanced Games Project Icarus and a 2D Atmospheric Puzzle-Platformer called Grotto.

     To see more examples of my work in level design and beyond, check out my portfolio page!


      Grotto is a 2D platformer with an emphasis on atmosphere and puzzle-solving involving primarily natural elements. I worked as the project co-creator and collaborated on some levels and completely designed others.


     Grotto's focus was to create spaces that felt atmospheric & whimsical while providing puzzle challenges that felt natural and like a part of the space rather than discrete objects

     In addition to designing levels and puzzles, I lit the spaces and explored color and player pathing to try and create a sense of delving deep into a grotto full of treasure.

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