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Gameplay, Systems & Character Design

     This is a showcase of design work across multiple disciplines of design, with examples from two of my projects: the USC Advanced Games Project Icarus and the USC Masters Thesis Project Stepstone Island

     To see more examples of my work in design and beyond, check out my portfolio page!


     Stepstone Island is a cozy mobile fitness experience about encouraging people to get up and moving at their own pace. The game was showcased at E3 2018, and encourages fitness through the beautification of an island and meeting its characters.   

     With Stepstone Island, we wanted to create a fitness experience centered around walking that carried a sense of calm and reward.

    I worked as a systems and flow designer and helped to ensure that the game's systems felt smooth and satisfying, and that the player felt a sense of reward and continuity from the characters they were meeting

     Click on the gallery to see how we developed out the game's systems and rewards!

     As lead designer, I am responsible for our core design documentation, and have created our primary GDD.

     I have ideated on & created design documentation for our first Warrior: Mufid, the Inventor, and have collaborated with our design and engineering teams to iterate his designs based on feel & feedback.

     Click on the image gallery to read about how Mufid's design has changed based on iteration from playtest data!

     Click here to access our full core design document.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.21.25 PM.png

For some more design crumbs:


Check out this post-mortem I wrote on the design & development of Basements & Bugbears,  a narrative coming-of-age game about Dungeons & Dragons.

Download and play my Americana One-Page Tabletop RPGPottsfield Town!

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